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Financial Domination Therapy Questions – The Doctor Is In – Mistress Sabina Erotica

It’s time again, My pets.

Do you have a question for Dr. Sabina Erotica about your Financial Domination, Money Mistress, FemDom addictions? Now is the time to ask!

What is Financial Domination?

What is a Money Slave? What is a paypig? What is a Human ATM?

Why do men like Financial Domination?

How can I become a Financial Domination Mistress? Princess?

How do I make a Financial Domination website?

How do I make a Financial Domination blog?

How do I stop My Financial Domination addiction?

Is there therapy for Financial Domination?

How do I stop My internet porn addiction?

How do I stop my addiction to phone sex?

You name it, and I might answer your questions right here on My blog.

Time is limited, so ask now. Post as a comment here, or call Me.


FemDom Financial Domination Therapy on niteflirt: 800-863-5478 ex. 02-40-34-40

Help! I Can’t Get Off Unless I Pay A Woman To Humiliate My Small Penis – SPH Humiliation and Financial Domination

“weewillie” writes: Dear Dr. Mistress Sabina Erotica, help! I can’t get off unless I pay a beautiful and cruel woman to humiliate me because I have a small penis. My little dick is only 4 inches long, and unless a sexy hot woman is laughing at me and my small cock, I can’t get off. Worse I have to pay her tributes to do this. What can I do?

Weewillie, you do have a problem! Paying a woman extra to humiliate you is a form of Financial Domination and Financial humiliation. You can’t simply have women laugh at your small dick, you also have to pay, tribute and gift to get off.

This is indeed Financial Domination, as defined by the expert, Me: It’s not Financial Domination until you pay Me more than My initial per-minute rate.

You are doing that.

So you are a guy with a small penis. What else can you do? You can’t satisfy a woman with that little thing, can you? Don’t tell Me you make up for it by having exceptional cunalingus or pussy eating skills. Every man with a small dick tells Me this. I doubt it.

Your choices are limited. You could try and find vanilla or conventional woman to laugh at you, but these women tend to be submissive, so they will likely tell you “size doesn’t matter”.

But you and I know the sad truth, don’t we? It does, and your small dick won’t cut it. What else do you have to offer a woman like Me, except your money?

Call Me at 800-863-5478 ex. 02-40-34-40