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Financial Domination Therapy Questions – The Doctor Is In – Mistress Sabina Erotica

It’s time again, My pets.

Do you have a question for Dr. Sabina Erotica about your Financial Domination, Money Mistress, FemDom addictions? Now is the time to ask!

What is Financial Domination?

What is a Money Slave? What is a paypig? What is a Human ATM?

Why do men like Financial Domination?

How can I become a Financial Domination Mistress? Princess?

How do I make a Financial Domination website?

How do I make a Financial Domination blog?

How do I stop My Financial Domination addiction?

Is there therapy for Financial Domination?

How do I stop My internet porn addiction?

How do I stop my addiction to phone sex?

You name it, and I might answer your questions right here on My blog.

Time is limited, so ask now. Post as a comment here, or call Me.


FemDom Financial Domination Therapy on niteflirt: 800-863-5478 ex. 02-40-34-40

Slowly Trained To Be A Financial Domination Money Slave Submissive

Bob writes: Dear Dr. Mistress Sabina Erotica, can you train me slowly to be a good financial domination money slave submissive?

The key word that jumps out at Me is “slowly”. Why would you want to be slowly trained to be a submissive male money slave? OK, maybe you don’t want to throw thousands into it the first month (although a few sessions with Me and you will be begging to max out all your credit cards and cash reserves).

If you mean “condition” you, well, you first have to ease that tight grip on those purse strings, or in your case, your wallet. As a lifelong FinDom FemDom I don’t want to waste My time, effort, expertise and skill on teasing small, loose change out of a sub man when there are so many money slaves willing to pay Me what I am worth.

For Me, you are not, IF this is what you mean by “slow”.

But if by “slow” you mean, “longer” periods between money slave conditioning lessons at the rate I am accustomed to, then feel free to call Me so we can discuss this in depth. And by rates, I’m not talking about My per minute rate.

Lesson #1: It’s not Financial Domination until you pay Me more than My initial per minute rate.

Financial Domination Therapy on niteflirt: 800-863-5478 ex. 02-40-34-40