What Is A Blackmail Fetish? FemDom Mistress

Dear Mistress Dr. Sabina Erotica, what is a blackmail fetish? I read about this when I went looking for online domination from women, and I am curious. What is it, what happens and is it dangerous?

Blackmail is a fetish, just like cuckolding, foot fetish or Financial Domination. Blackmail involves a Dominant woman or Mistress getting personal information  from a man who is submissive or who has submissive cravings.

Consensual blackmail is when a man consents to the blackmail “game” with the FemDom, and gives her the information he wants her to be able to use to control him and make him do what he desires her to do, or in some cases, expose him and his fetishes to his girlfriend or wife, occasionally expose him to family.

Non-consensual blackmail can occur when a Mistress decides she is going to make demands of the sub that the sub doesn’t want, even as part of his fantasy. Men need to take care when they engage in blackmail, as this sometimes happens.

How the blackmail portion is carried out depends a lot on what information is given, what the submissive male wants, and what the Dominant female actually does. Often the subbie man will give a phone number, and ask the Domme to call him on occasion, demanding that he call her back for a price, such as calling her listing on the niteflirt fetish phone sex website.

The  sub man might give more information, such as where he lives or works.

He may desire the FemDom to use it and enforce good behavior, like working harder at his job, as motivation. Or for the Financial Dominatrix to make financial demands. Often it is used in conjunction with Financial Domination.

It’s an exchange of power for a Dominant woman to have leverage over a man when he gives her enough information to have the POTENTIAL to ruin him. This is what excites a lot of submissive and slave men.

A cautionary side note: Be careful who you give personal information to. While most submissive men I speak with complain that the Domme never does anything with the information, others have had the unfortunate experience of having someone take it way too far. Get to know that person a little bit first, or, engage in blackmail with Me. I know how to do it, when to do it, and when to not do it.

I hope this information is enlightening, and, if you wish to discuss this further, give Me a call!

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