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Help! I’m Being Blackmailed! I Can’t Keep Spending Money I Don’t Have!

BikeRacer24 writes: Dear Dr. Mistress Sabina Erotica, I am being blackmailed by a domme. I let it go too far and she is calling me at the wrong times and I’m afraid my girl friend will find out, she’s already asking questions about why I don’t have any money. The domme who is doing this keeps demanding more money than I have and i don’t have anything left to give. I’ve already given her over $1,000 but she wants more. She IMs and calls me if I don’t answer her IM. She calls late at night knowing my GF is with me and it’s getting crazy. Can you help me?

Once again, how many times do I have to tell you horny subbies to be careful when you play with blackmail? You get excited, and you give out that information too fast. You don’t have a clue who that person is, or you don’t have enough sense to do a little bit of homework and see if there is any way to verify or get feedback (What My 35,000+ loyal and devoted Sabina Erotica subjects are saying Click HERE… Click on the feedback tab… from other men who interacted with this person.

How understanding is your girl friend? Otherwise, why not change your phone number and block her from IM? Pretend you lost your phone and get a new one. Small price to pay!

Now, because I know you will get weak again and want to do this over and over, come see Me the next time you get the urge to be blackmailed by a Domina who knows what She is doing. Me.

FemDom Online Domination on niteflirt: 800-863-5478 ext 01-88-32-14

Help! I Spend Too Much Money On FemDom Internet Online Porn!

hummerdude asks: Dear Dr, Mistress Sabina Erotica, I spend WAY too much money on internet online female domination porn. What can I do?

The internet has made the availability of porn so easily accessible, that it’s one of the newer addictions. Men no longer have to sneak out to the Adult Bookstore or porn theater in order to get his porn fix. And the variety available is almost infinite when it comes to online internet porn.

Female Domination used to be one of those niches you had to search to find. Now it’s as easy as typing the keywords into Google. Fetish film and video makers both professional and amateur are churning out FemDom porn daily. It can be very addicting!

You didn’t provide many details, so I am unable to give you specific advice on your particular situation. Affordability is such a relative thing. How much is too much? When you are on the verge of being homeless. I’m assuming in your case, this is not so.

Call Me and let’s discuss your particulars. I do have some very realistic ways in which you can limit your porn spending habit! Be sure to have enough money loaded on your account for a minimum of 15 minutes. 30 is better. An hour ideal.

Call Me at 800-863-5478 ex. 02-40-34-40

Financial Domination – How To Stop? I Need Help Advice Counseling 12 Step Program

Dear Dr. Mistress Sabina Erotica, I have a problem with financial domination. I do it, then I regret it. It feels good at the time when I am excited, but the next morning I feel terrible. I swear I will stop, then a few days go by and I am getting the urge again. I look at findom websites, cruise niteflirt and get excited, and find myself doing it all over again. Ive been doing this for 2 years now. Its getting harder to hide it from my wife. Is there any hope for me?

There is always hope!

Know that a percentage of submissive men I talk to, cycle around this fetish. They start this cycle of being aroused, indulging in Financial Domination with someone like Me, also a Financial predatrix and Dominatrix, they spend a lot of money, then after the desire has been sated, they feel bad or guilty. It’s a cycle that seems to go round and round.

But there is help!

When you consult with Me for Financial Domination therapy, help, advice and counseling, I can help you deal with the obvious issues and the underlying issues. It’s something you didn’t develop overnight, the solution won’t happen overnight, but think of it this way: If you seek My help NOW, you will save yourself thousands of dollars in the future not to mention your job, relationships and social life. It’s important you deal with this now!

Call Me for a one on one consultation so I can diagnose your particular issues and start to help you end the cycle of Financial Domination addiction!

Call Me at 800-863-5478 ex. 02-40-34-40

I Need Financial Domination Help – I’m Spending Too Much Money On FemDom Phone Sex!

Hello Dr. Mistress Sabina Erotica, Help! I spend WAY too much money calling phone dommes and phone sex, talking to them about cuckolding and long role play watching my wife get fucked by other men. I need your financial domination therapy. Last month I spent $600 talking to dominant women about my sexual fantasies. What can I do?

It sounds like you have an internet porn addiction, and an attraction to discussing your fetish fantasies and the things that turn you on. What you do NOT have, according to what you have told Me, is a Financial Domination problem!

It’s not “Financial Domination” until you pay Me more than My initial per-minute rate. This is done by playing Raise The Rate or by sending additional tributes. That is Financial Domination at it’s core.

What you are describing is an addiction to talking about the things that turn you on. That’s different.

Non-mainstream subjects such as cuckolding are a niche. A small niche. Your average women has no clue what cuckolding is, nor wants to hear about it. The women you talk to, such as Me, are highly specialized in the sex and fetish areas you are interested in.

It’s obvious you enjoy this subject, so understand in order to do so, you need to pay for someone’s expertise and understanding of the fetish. I know all about cuckolding, I’ve done it for a long time!

If you need more insight, or if you are a reader, don’t hesitate to call!

Call Me at 800-863-5478 ex. 02-40-34-40